Fun at the tables

Pre-kids we would head to Reno, NV at least once a year and have some fun.  Sans kids that hasn't happened yet.  I thought this dress went great at the roulette tables.  It was an unexpected find when I went to the LL’s Shop your Heart Out Event and picked up all the gifts.  I mean who doesn’t... Continue Reading →


Little Tease

Valentine’s Day was yesterday and I hope everyone had a great day both in RL and in SL.  I wanted to post about the little tease outfit I had picked out by Sexy Princess.  It’s a cute little pair of sexy shorts that expose the thin lace panties underneath. The designer finished the scandalous shorts with a mesh... Continue Reading →

Smart Shopping

I confess that I have a new addiction.  You can call me the demo queen.  I love shopping and the thrill of getting new clothes.  I have found a new way to do this.  I go to an event and I pick up all the demos that interest me.  Then I go home and I... Continue Reading →

Wear Panties

Don’t forget to wear panties!  I realized with mesh dresses that unless you use the alpha to blur out your body everything shows.  I now wear panties when the dress allows me too.  Then I get more use out of all the lingerie I have in my inventory.  Maybe someone will open a panty store,... Continue Reading →

Leather Pleasure

I picked up this leather-bound dress for a fun evening in.  I guess you can wear it out if you want that shock factor.  It comes in a bunch of colors and guarantees a good evening.   With Valentines around the corner this is a must have for any wardrobe. On another note I have decided to make my... Continue Reading →


I love the feel and look of this outfit.  Mini skirts are married to thigh high boots in my opinion.  This little sassy number was given some sassy hair and I was on my way for a day of bargain shopping.  I love that in SL stores run discounts and specials. This picture was taken... Continue Reading →

Double Duty

Sometimes a girl needs an outfit that can do double duty.  This outfit is great to go out and about your day in.  Take in an afternoon lunch and do some shopping.  This high cut bodysuit would make some Blush.  Then you can go home and entice your loved one into following you to the bedroom. ... Continue Reading →

I’m Old

Today I am officially ten years old on Second Life.  So much has happened both in SL and in RL in ten years.  I didn’t think I would last a month when I joined, but here I stand.  When I first joined SL in 2008 I came in on the CSI sim.  I went to... Continue Reading →

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