Artful Adventure

I decided that I wanted to see and do more in SL.  I went to Kultivate Magazine & Windlight Art Gallery  look at all the wonderful photographers and artists.  The artists on display change every few months so make sure to pop in often.  Some of the artist have wonderful pictures for sale.  I picked... Continue Reading →

Backdrop City

I was browsing some blogs and came across one that stated they went to Backdrop City.  I had to check this out as most my backgrounds and poses are older.  I haven’t reinvested in new ones because the old ones still work.  Anyways I decided I needed to race right over in my new dress... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I explored SL.  I found the perfect place while gathering landmarks for a different post to take my pictures.  I am trying to utilize locations in SL more often.  I figure that if the designer takes the time to make their sim pretty and unique that they don’t mind me taking pictures there as... Continue Reading →

Forever Azul

Years ago, I decided to spend $5,000L at Azul to become part of the VIP group.  I that was the single best decision I have ever made in SL.  Every month I get a new released limited-edition dress.  Over the years this has added up to quite a bit of savings and inventory on my... Continue Reading →

The Door

Every new year a door closes and another opens.  What you do with that year is up to you.  Only time will tell how this year will be for anyone one of us.  As I have mentioned I am trying really hard not to spend a ton of money shopping.  I did however pick up... Continue Reading →

Waiting on Spring

I love the creativeness on Flickr between the stylings of an outfit and the cohesiveness of a picture.  I recently found United Colors from a Flickr post.  I just had to have the Sara Bodysuit.  I love that it can be all lace or have a solid bottom.  The hud even allows you to just... Continue Reading →

A Picture

Sometimes all I want to do is to take a picture.  I don't want to identify anything or write words.....just a picture.  I love styling things and taking pictures.  My avatar will be 10 at the end of January.  I have a good amount of stuff.  I was cleaning and organizing my inventory and realized... Continue Reading →

I’ve Finally Found It!!!!

When coming back into SL I knew that I needed to update my look.  Mesh heads were just coming out when I took my short break.  I had already purchased my Maitreya mesh body and was playing with it here and there.  In addition to finding a mesh head I also would need to find... Continue Reading →

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