Middle of nowhere

I was in the middle of nowhere today.  Where I could not tell you, but I knew I was there.  I picked up this cute country outfit from Giz Seorn as a gift.  I was raised in the country and thought this look was an adorable country bumpkin. Photo was taken at Backdrop City GIZ SEORN Group Gift... Continue Reading →

Summer Dreaming

While it snows outside here I wish it were summer.  I don't like being cold and have had enough snow for a while.  I like to think I'm somewhere tropic and warm.  Palm trees sway and the cabana boy brings me another drink while I work on my SL tan.  I found the most adorable swimsuit... Continue Reading →

Neon Mountains

Second Life is a place where you can choose to move mountains.  The only person limiting you in this world is yourself.  I recently realized that I no longer have the time to model which saddens me.  Modeling requires you to dedicate scheduled time to castings, rehearsals, and shows.  Hopefully, with time I can gravitate back... Continue Reading →

Desert Walk

It was nearing evening and I went on a desert walk.  This horse seemed to follow me.  He seemed tame and allowed me to pet him softly.  I picked up the horse as a gift from Fashiowl.  It has a few poses in it that are quite nice.  I have been eyeing this dress from Giz Seorn for... Continue Reading →

Fun at the tables

Pre-kids we would head to Reno, NV at least once a year and have some fun.  Sans kids that hasn't happened yet.  I thought this dress went great at the roulette tables.  It was an unexpected find when I went to the LL’s Shop your Heart Out Event and picked up all the gifts.  I mean who doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Little Tease

Valentine’s Day was yesterday and I hope everyone had a great day both in RL and in SL.  I wanted to post about the little tease outfit I had picked out by Sexy Princess.  It’s a cute little pair of sexy shorts that expose the thin lace panties underneath. The designer finished the scandalous shorts with a mesh... Continue Reading →

Smart Shopping

I confess that I have a new addiction.  You can call me the demo queen.  I love shopping and the thrill of getting new clothes.  I have found a new way to do this.  I go to an event and I pick up all the demos that interest me.  Then I go home and I... Continue Reading →

Wear Panties

Don’t forget to wear panties!  I realized with mesh dresses that unless you use the alpha to blur out your body everything shows.  I now wear panties when the dress allows me too.  Then I get more use out of all the lingerie I have in my inventory.  Maybe someone will open a panty store,... Continue Reading →

Leather Pleasure

I picked up this leather-bound dress for a fun evening in.  I guess you can wear it out if you want that shock factor.  It comes in a bunch of colors and guarantees a good evening.   With Valentines around the corner this is a must have for any wardrobe. On another note I have decided to make my... Continue Reading →

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