Home is where the heart is

Recently Linden Labs increased the amount of land that a premium member can hold.  This allotment went from 512m to 1,024m.  This is a HUGE deal.  I ran out and expanded my land.  Plus the fees on additional lands monthly cost went down.  I have been spending my time shopping for my new home and decorating it.  I plan on taking more pictures from home.

When I took my break from SL I also gave up my land and I felt like I lost my identity a bit.  My SL home keeps me routed in SL.  My little spending rampage all started with a necklace from Chain I saw on a blog called Bang.  I thought it would be perfect to go with the deep cut neckline from the dress I picked up from Sexy Princess.  So over to Cosmopolitan, I went.  Then I explored the event and the stores.  I opened a can of worms or my linden wallet I should say.  I found some new to me designers.  Keep your eyes peeled on my blog.

Home 1_001

[Sexy Princess] Xtreme Ways

-SU!- Laney Eyeshadow

Just Magnetized – Insta Beauty Lips – set 06

CHAIN – Katty Necklace Set – Maitreya

Chop Zuey Parvati Earrings -TxChnge

Meva Ivey Bento Rings Right Silver (Maiytreya)

Vanity Hair:Own It-Browns

.: fiore :. LUA Catwa Applier – SPF40 and body applier

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body

Catwa Pink Mesh Head

Catwa Animated Eyes & Tears

Corups Pose

Plant from Inverse Alvingate home

Vanity – Relief Wall Art – Sculpture

nordari lamps


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