Superhero For A Day

With Look@Me's new releases you can be a Superhero for a day too.  We have two new releases out.  These are the Incredibles and Superwoman.  Both of these outfits are guaranteed to leave you with an action-packed day and are perfect for Halloween. Incredibles Costume: Costume | Look@Me Incredible Costume* Lipstick | Studio Exposure - 50'S Red Lips Collection Powder... Continue Reading →


Fall Fantasy Angel

I loved these stockings.  They are an event exclusive at the original Vogue event by Sexy Princess.  They come in red and black.  The body harness by Kc Style is over at Event Crazy Fashion for a day or two more. The hair is by Moon Hair and came off the MM board.  She puts one up every day and usually, the... Continue Reading →

Dark Lover

This outfit is very appropriate as we change seasons.  Darker colors even in lingerie are on trend.  This sexy little number called Margot by Kc Style can be found at the current round of Event Crazy Fashion.  The details on the lace paired with leather make this corset have a very naughty feeling.  I added the Walker - Shop's Santa... Continue Reading →

Baby One More Time

Every time I see a school girl outfit it takes me right back to Britney Spears Baby One More Time Video.  I guess you can't tell my age, can you?  Anyways, over at this round of Yin/Yang this school girl outfit by Sexy Kittie is on sale.  With Halloween right around the corner, this is a must for any... Continue Reading →

Out with the old in with the new

This round of Yin/Yang is about updating for fall.  It's out with the old and in with the new.  My top and skirt the new Ying Set from Forbidden Salcity.  I think that mini skirts go best with thigh-high boots like the Ayla boots from Heels Shoes. A notecard goes into every pair of Heels Shoes.  I think helpful resources such as the Care and Hope Center in SL should be... Continue Reading →

Finding My Prince

I set the most scrumptious table this morning for breakfast.  Then set out to find my prince.  It proved to be quite the task with quite a few frogs kissed.  The Angel dress by Virtue is a new release and is perfect for a tropical morning.  My table with umbrella and stools is made by Raindale and is currently... Continue Reading →

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Our crew was prowling the sea for plunder when they forced me to walk the plank!  Can you believe those lily-livered scallywags?  They must have found out I was a privateer. I heard the mates talking about feeding the fish, but never did I think it would be me.  I guess because I am a landlubber... Continue Reading →

Swinging My Way Through Fall

One good thing about having a tropical home is all the seasons pretty much look the same.  I hung up my new porch swing from Raindale which is currently at the Sense Event.  It looks great hanging in my palm trees. My outfit comes from the current round of Yin/Yang.  The ever-chic Barbra Outfit by Jumo come in lots of great color... Continue Reading →

Cheers!!!!! It’s Monday

This killer outfit called Manolia is by Sexy Princess.  It comes with attached nip tassels.  It comes in a variety of body styles.  I always see laying down pictures by other bloggers and this is my attempt at it.  I liked the look of the window table by Dust Bunny so I thought I would use it as a backdrop. ... Continue Reading →

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