Magic Moments

Magic moments are created in special places.  I set up my special magical space and just wanted to share.  Now to obtain this look some grid hopping is required, but I know that you die hard shoppers are up to the challenge.  The Grimward Caldon Set is a new release that can be found at I ❤ Role-Play.  It contains a spell book for decoration (on the chest) and a hud to control the color of the cauldron and the smoke.

The Valenbert Set is a collection of pumpkins (with and without vases) and a color changing hud that can be found at the current round of Cosmopolitan.  These pumpkins can carry over to Thanksgiving decor nicely. The Mirgaild Mirror can be one of five colors and is currently at this round of Swank.  Lastly, is the Soulton Tapestry that can be found at The Liaison Collaborative. This tapestry has 20 texture options included (10 colours + versions with signs/mystic symbols).  That wraps up all the newness from Raindale.  Other pieces have also been incorporated into the picture so check out the credits.

Raindale – Daybreak Gazebo

Raindale – Grassmere – Hedge wall

Raindale – Valenbert Pumpkin Set

Raindale – Grimward Cauldrons Set

Raindale – Soulton Tapestry

Raindale – Estwards Rocking Chair

Raindale – Mirgaild Mirror

Raindale – Bright October Broom (Gattcha)

Larnia – Witchin’ Kitchen Glitter Pumpkins (Purple, Green and Orange)

BananaN – Spider web w/ treats grey

Puke Rainbows – Twinkling Spiders Purple

The Half Moon Market – Flying Books Momento Mori


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