Inviting Cottage Kitchen

Welcome to my final post on the Coldbrook house by Raindale.  As you probably have read Lady and I style this home together in a wonderful christmas motif.  Today we highlight the inviting cottage kitchen where creativity in this home happens.  Whether your cooking in the kitchen, wrapping a package or sorting through your christmas supplies... Continue Reading →

Rustic Christmas Living Room

Welcome to the open concept living room in the Coldbrook house by Raindale.  Lady and I went on a decorating spree and made it a wonderful Christmas house.  We used simple holiday pieces to make a charming rustic living room.  Also included are gottcha items from the Coldbrook set at the Arcade.  This is my fourth... Continue Reading →

Children’s Christmas Loft

This photo was styled by Lady when we decorated the Coldbrook Cottage by Raindale.  She wanted to make a childrens room because very rarely do you see decor posts that could be a childs room.  Se used lots of fun toys and christmas colors to tie together the room. House | Raindale - Rare - Coldbrook Cottage*... Continue Reading →

Vintage Chic

As promised here is a vintage chic look for the front foyer area of the Coldbrook Cottage by Raindale.  With our combined inventories Lady and I styled this room.  The whole look of the decor goes great with the coloring of the white walls and the dark wood flooring.  It looks like the perfect place for... Continue Reading →

Winter Cabin

Raindale put out the cutest set of gatcha items at the Arcade.  The house is Coldbrook Cottage and is the rare item in the set.  I went and decorated the whole house at one time with my friend Lady.  What a job that is.  I love making a scene to photograph, but then taking all the information... Continue Reading →

Gift From The Heart

A gift from the heart came my way today and I thought I would share.  I love getting and receiving gifts.  I also love making pictures.  Raindale just put out a the Cranebourne set of decor items at The Liaison Collaborative.  It includes the fireplace, star bunting and candles.  All of these items are resizable.  The Coldbrook ladder and... Continue Reading →

Who Me?

I could not possibly be the bad girl or could I?  I love this look I put together that centers around my newest find.  I found this shirt dress from Exmachina and could not be more in love.  It is a classy look for fall pulled together with spot on accessories. Dress | Exmachina - Muraoka Women's Jacket... Continue Reading →

Winter Fun

So I went out and had some winter fun.  I went over to the Winter Holiday Village and ice skated around in some of my Peace On Earth 11 Hunt finds.  I am wearing a very warm christmas snowflake sweater from #bye that paired nicely with the Xmas Skater Skirt from Jr Wolf Creations.   The dainty snowflake jewelry set is from Beloved Jewelry and... Continue Reading →

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