Vintage Chic

As promised here is a vintage chic look for the front foyer area of the Coldbrook Cottage by Raindale.  With our combined inventories Lady and I styled this room.  The whole look of the decor goes great with the coloring of the white walls and the dark wood flooring.  It looks like the perfect place for a little coco and cookies while chatting the afternoon away with good friends.

Front Entrance:

Rocking Horse | Dust Bunny – Toy Horse

Presents | Dust Bunny – Present pile

Wall Picture | Peaches – Rustic Accents Positivity Art

Couch |  Bellarose Furniture – Winter Wrought Iron Sofa PG

Coffee Table | Violetility – Sled Table Green

Tray w/coco | Serenity Style- Warm Winter Tray

Lantern | Raindale – Lantern*

Table w/Decorations | Love – Christmas Table

Wreath |  StoraxTree – Rustic Pine Cone Wreath

Pointset | Love – Small Poinsettia Gold Bow

House | Raindale – Rare – Coldbrook Cottage*

Out the window:

Winter Scene | Landscapes Unlimited – The Mirror Box 2.0

Snow Trees |  M&P Kreation – Wintertree


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