LTD Christmas

I ran around all of December picking up various advent calendar gifts.  One of those happened to include Love To Decorates many talented home decor designers who participated.  I put together a baking kitchen to showcase some of the wonderful items that I found.

Sink | Velvet Whip – Sam Kitchen Sink

Nativity Scene | InsurreKtion -Peg Dolls Nativity

Hammies | MishMish – Hammie & Icing, Hammie & Rolling Pin

Cookie Tree |  Kawaii Couture – Sugar Cookie Tree (w/shadow) White

Cookie Bars | Elm – Christmas Cookie Bars Classic

Cookie Jar | Moss & Mink – Christmas Cookie Mix

Swag | Bygone – Swag Pepper & Pomegranate

Mistletoe & Christmas Ball Ornaments | Kix – Christmas Present 

Photo Balls | Refuge – Bauble Photo Holder Green & Red

Wooden Statue | Chez Moi – Wooden Angel Decor

Roll Cake | What Next – Chocolate Yule Log

Cake | ChicChica – Peach Caramel Cake

Cup Cake | Astralia – Muffin stool (LTD gift)

Baking Pieces | Dust Bunny – At Home Baking (frosting bowl,  bag of sugar, butter)

Backdrop | Figure 8 – Candy Cane Courtyard Backdrop


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