Outdoor Love

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!  This is outdoor romance at it’s finest.  You have beautiful flowers, great animal companions, a comfy blanket and wine.  What more do you need?  Oh yes, my love.  He set it all up and is waiting for me.  I took a sneak peek really quickly.

The Rosemount Blanket from Raindale comes with 10 solo and 20 couples (friendly and romantic) animations.  The Adult version has 32 extra MF animations which are perfect for Valentines Day!  The texture changing HUD has five colors that allows both blankets and all 4 pillows to be textured independently.  This blanket can be found at Sultry.  The beautiful Oleander Tree by Bee Designs smells like sweet apricots and perfumes the air.  It’s available in light pink, pink, red and white with three different sizes.  It can be found at the current round of Reduex.  Both events just opened so make sure you head over to check out what is new around the grid.

Blankets | Raindale – Rosemount Blankets PG or Adult*

Oleander Tree | Bee Designs – Nerium Oleander Red*

Squirrels – Simply Shelby – Be Mine Squirrels

Dog | Simply Shelby – Cupid’s Helper

Wine | MadPea – Wine Tray of Love

Love Sign | MadPea – Love Marquee

Broken Pots | Love – Perfect Home Nature Scene

Grass | Love – Grass Forest Green

Cats | Jian – Kissy Kitties

Potted Plant | Dust Bunny – Giant Palm Plant

Backdrop | The Bearded Guy – Wooden Love 1 Happy Valentines Day

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