Carnival Magic

My friend Queen is very talented at making music videos.  The Floating Lotus Gallery just opened a new showcase featuring her work.  At the event opening we had a carnival themed party.  It was so much fun and the DJ was great.  Here is the video from the event of the dancers including myself.  Make sure you head over to the gallery to check out the other videos on display.

Magical Carnival.png

Bikini | Rebel Hope – Chasta Bikini

Wings | Higgle – Mardi Gras 2018 Amethyst

Boots | Gos – Rihanna Perforated Boots

Hair | Besom Hair – Taz

Hair Accessory | Lode – Olivia Ice

Rings | Swan – Terra Rings Silver

Belly Piercing | Exqui – Vixen

Necklace | Lazuri – LuceMia Necklace Pearls

Nails | Slack Girl – Maudi Stilleto Nails

Ears | Swallow – Princess Ears

Lipstick | Pangea – Fairy Lipstick Fatpack (PP Dec. 18)

Eye Makeup | Zibska ~ Rizia

Unicorn | Love – Unicorn Rock

Waterfall | Landscaping by Felix -Realistic Waterfall

Water Fall Ivy | Mesh Plants – Full Perm Ivy

Scenery | Sominel Edelman Landscapes – The Mirror Box 2.0


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