Spring Garden

I took a vacation in RL to go visit family.  During that time I did not log into SL which was a change of pace for me.  I love SL and the creativity my blog gives me.  However, it was nice to step away and not log in for over a week.  So now I owe you guys some blogs which is a good thing since I have a ton of new things to show you.

Today’s blog was a combined effort by myself and Lady Whitefalcon although most of it was her.  We have a lovely spring garden set up with a daybed for those lazy afternoon naps.  Raindale just released the Collfield Gatcha at Gacha Garden that runs until May 31st.  It was paired with some new things that can be found over at this round of Boardwalk like the Vesna Palette Bed by Chalupa Digs Design and the Potted Hibiscus Flowers by EED Home and Garden.  The event runs from May 15th until June 15th.

Raindale – Collfield Gatcha –  Pergola (rare), arm chair print 2 & 3, sofa, lantern, hanging lamp, branch w/ribbon, tea pot*

Day Bed Set | Chalupa Digs Design – Vesna Palette Bed*

Flower Pots | EED Home and Garden – Potted Hibiscus in yellow and pink*


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