Reading Space

I made a new reading space up.  This one uses two new collections that are exclusively at Boardwalk IsurreKtion and Casa de Bebe both released sets that can be combined for yet another sitting area or entry way that would be stunning.  It is masculine enough that my husband might even sit here to watch read or take a nap.

IsurreKtion – Ellen Living Collection*

used Chaise Lounge, books, vase, plant, reading lamp and wall lamp.

Casa de Bebe – Sedona Arabella Collection*

used Sedona console, books, cactus, digital abstract 1 & 2

Misc. Decor | Lucas Lameth – Extinct Flyer, Mine Heart, Forecast Globe,  Picture Frame & Antique Butterfly Candle Holder

Laying Down Books | Loft & Aria – Dixie Books

Pot | Simply Shelby – Copper Pot Distressed

Fireplace | unKindness – Spring Lattice Fireplace Light

Fireplace Photo | Henly Studio’s – Yose 17 (currently showcased at the art walk)

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  1. I love your beautiful blog. Always positive and uplifting. Well designed posts. I especially like that portrait over the fireplace. 🙂

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