Woodland Bedroom

I don't know what drew me to this bedroom set.  I also don't know how I ended up with a woodland themed bedroom in a beach house, but I love it. Bed | Shades - Spencer Bed Lace Curtain | Knick Knacks - Lace Curtain Flying 5 Side Table | Unkindness - Telluric Wood Tables Potted Plants | Mithral... Continue Reading →


Tropical Nap

I am so tired and ready for a nap in my tropical paradise.  The new Bridgwood Daybed from Raindale provides just that comfort and more.  The daybed comes packed full of animations that include 20 solo, 20 couples in the PG set.  In the adult edition you get an additional 27 MF animations.  It comes with a... Continue Reading →

Tiki Hut

In my pool haven I have a little tiki hut.  The tiki hut is by Bee Designs and swapped out a few things here and there.  It's basically a place to sit by the pool and relax while eating cheese and drinking some fine wine.  I love my little piece of second life land and the sanctuary... Continue Reading →

Pool Haven

Today I am going to show you my pool haven at my home.  I picked up this pool in December when I was at Bee Designs and I just love it.  I patiently waited until the day after Christmas to rez this baby.  I am going to show you the pool area and a little of my... Continue Reading →

The Pondering Corner

Everyone has a little corner tucked away in their home where they can ponder things.  I like to keep my corner very minimalist with plants.  I feel that plants help to cheer up the space and bring life to it.  The Saundell Bean Bag Chair from Raindale is a new release at this round of Cosmopolitan as an event... Continue Reading →

LTD Christmas

I ran around all of December picking up various advent calendar gifts.  One of those happened to include Love To Decorates many talented home decor designers who participated.  I put together a baking kitchen to showcase some of the wonderful items that I found. Sink | Velvet Whip - Sam Kitchen Sink Nativity Scene | InsurreKtion -Peg... Continue Reading →

Morning Breakfast

I am still newer to the home decor scene.  I really love home decor in SL and am trying to channel my love for it through photos.  I picked up some new stuff around the grid.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Sayo | Tribeca Table & Dining Chairs  Raindale... Continue Reading →

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