Superhero For A Day

With Look@Me's new releases you can be a Superhero for a day too.  We have two new releases out.  These are the Incredibles and Superwoman.  Both of these outfits are guaranteed to leave you with an action-packed day and are perfect for Halloween. Incredibles Costume: Costume | Look@Me Incredible Costume* Lipstick | Studio Exposure - 50'S Red Lips Collection Powder... Continue Reading →

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Our crew was prowling the sea for plunder when they forced me to walk the plank!  Can you believe those lily-livered scallywags?  They must have found out I was a privateer. I heard the mates talking about feeding the fish, but never did I think it would be me.  I guess because I am a landlubber... Continue Reading →

Fall with Snow White

Fall is upon us and sim owners are decorating like there is no tomorrow.  The new Snow White release from Look@Me is just adorable.  The Halloween countdown counters are out and the store grounds are under construction with fun to be had for all.  Right now if you join the group (a 150L fee) there are two... Continue Reading →

Summer is Slipping Away

I feel summer slipping away in RL.  The weather is getting colder.  Leaves are starting to fall turn colors and fall off the trees.  While we cherish these last few weeks of summer into the fall season SL is always summer.  Look@Me just released it's Havana set of beachwear.  I knew just the place to take these photos.  Moon just redid it's sim not long... Continue Reading →

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