The Wishing Well

I went on a lovely walk near the cliff today and stumbled upon a wishing well.  Who would have thought that some would would build a wishing well all the way out here.  I had to stop and make my wish while the sunlight streamed all around me and the butterflies danced happily.  It was... Continue Reading →

The Office

As you know Redeux just opened.  I went to see what goodies I could find and found this color change cross back strap dress with a side slit called Carmen from Noir.  I also found a great sitting pose set called Nevaeh from Serendipity.  With these two items in hand I decided to do an edgy office look. Dress... Continue Reading →

Relaxing Pergola

Redeux just opened and runs until the 21st of the month.  I love this event for all of the new exclusive designer releases, the sales and the 50L items.  This event has it all from fashion to home decor and fantasy.  I picked up a few new things so let me show you my awesome finds.  Lacrime... Continue Reading →

Sunday Dress

Redeux ends tomorrow and I have a few more fun things to show you.  I found the perfect floral dress from Poet's Heart called Granny's Garden Dress.  It is available in a few different floral patterns.  I also picked up the Elvish Chair set in silver from Simply Shelby.  Head on over the the last of the great deals... Continue Reading →

Shhh……Our Secret

I have some really cool stuff to show you today.   So, recently I found a wonderful color called oily that The Forge makes their clothing in.  It is this beautiful black, blue, teal, purple color that is just stunning on.  They just released Aisha in Oil at Redeux.  I definitely will by more things in this color. Next,... Continue Reading →

Island Shower

Even on an island you need a good shower every once and awhile.  Thankfully at this resort I am glamping.  I love the new Ibiza Collection by Insurrektion.  The collection has five pieces which consist of  the shower, cosmetics, robe, towel rack and towel shelf.  It is currently at Redeux until this event round ends on June 21st.... Continue Reading →

Feeling Blue

Sometimes it is fun to play with colors.  Today's color turned out to be blue.  It has multiple shades, but in the end it all pulls together for a great look.  I have more newness for you today.  Let's dive in starting with the Laurel leather Harness from Sexy Princess that comes with a color Hud.  I... Continue Reading →


We had supper all set out and were about to sit down then the magical creature walked through camp.  Why it decided to venture our way I will never know.  What an enchanting evening in a beautiful place.  I think next we will try to find the Fairy Village mentioned on the sign. I have... Continue Reading →

Spring In The Mountains

So spring has hit the mountains where I live and everything is blooming.  Wildflowers are popping up all over the hills while trees are flowering a beautiful purple.  Large waterfalls are rushing along with little seasonal falls.  Tadpoles are in the meadows while ducks are floating along with their mates.  I love the beauty of... Continue Reading →

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