Relaxing Pergola

Redeux just opened and runs until the 21st of the month.  I love this event for all of the new exclusive designer releases, the sales and the 50L items.  This event has it all from fashion to home decor and fantasy.  I picked up a few new things so let me show you my awesome finds.  Lacrime... Continue Reading →


The Wise Tree

I was walking along the path when I started to see this grand tree rise before me.  As I neared I could tell it was an old tree that has seen a lot of the world grow and change around it.  Someone had been here recently and had left behind some fruit under the shelter. ... Continue Reading →

Lazy Afternoon

We decided to stay inside the loft this afternoon and play some of our favorite board games.  We will see who the victor is at the end of the day.  With the sun streaming in it was a great lazy afternoon. Today I am showing you a bunch of new items from this round of Boardwalk. ... Continue Reading →

Secret Hot Springs

I really love the creations from Camp Steelhead after I picked up the floating dock from the Home and Garden Expo this year.  The event exclusive they released is called Rocky Mountain Hot Springs.  While I used it in a tropical theme I will explain the meaning behind the creation. The designer states, "In the Western United States is... Continue Reading →

Madpea Pet Fair

The long awaited Madpea Pet Fair opens today at 12PM and runs from June 30th until July 20th.  Here is a sneak peak from Raindale.  The Pawbell Hall Tree is an event exclusive.  It comes fully decorated with a 12LI, empty shelving and some extra baskets.  It has 20 solo animations sitting animations.  You can add your own... Continue Reading →


We had supper all set out and were about to sit down then the magical creature walked through camp.  Why it decided to venture our way I will never know.  What an enchanting evening in a beautiful place.  I think next we will try to find the Fairy Village mentioned on the sign. I have... Continue Reading →

The Boardwalk

Boardwalks are always fun this time of year and Second Life is no different.  Raindale has been hard at work on their summer releases.  Of course everything works well together so some grid hopping is required to obtain this boardwalk.  The Sandwood Gacha (shown Loungers 8 & 9, deck w/steps) has 10 commons and a rare beach cabin.  It is... Continue Reading →

Evening By The Lake

Raindale has released a lake themed gacha set called River Break.  It has the most amazing things to make a cute scene by the lake.  I used the boat daybed, bridge in white, candles, cattail by the boat, lanterns, gold leaf boat that spins, lotus leafs and the pond (rare).  It creates a nice little... Continue Reading →

Spring Garden

I took a vacation in RL to go visit family.  During that time I did not log into SL which was a change of pace for me.  I love SL and the creativity my blog gives me.  However, it was nice to step away and not log in for over a week.  So now I... Continue Reading →

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