Out Shop Breast Cancer Fairy

I love blogging for events.  I take different things and put them together for a wonderful picture. Today's photo brought together things from Out Shop Breast Cancer.  I am wearing the elegant Nelia Gown which comes with a choker from Donni's Dolly.  I paired it with the beautiful Golden Glass Bento Animesh wings in Dawn Gem an... Continue Reading →

Bear Party

The apples are a plenty as fall is on it's way.  Hungry bears will come out to play.  Welcome to my bear party.  I have been seeing some amazing creations from designers and thought I would put together a cute outdoor scene outside my window. Raindale has two great sets out.  First there is the Autumnfell... Continue Reading →

Fall Relaxation

Fall is the time of year when slow down from summer and just take time to breath.  All the abundant colors of nature shine during this time of year.  Swank just opened a new round which is where most of my finds came from.  Simply So's Outdoor Tub is the perfect place to relax.  Wood Works picnic table provides an... Continue Reading →

Apple Blossom Cottage

Old Barn Door lept right into fall with the new release of the Apple Blossom Cottage. Here are some words on the build from the designer, "this is the beautiful 'Apple Blossom Cottage' with bento animations in the stairs seat, this cottage has gorgeous, highly detailed mesh and many extras you're sure to love!  It is one... Continue Reading →

Relaxing Pergola

Redeux just opened and runs until the 21st of the month.  I love this event for all of the new exclusive designer releases, the sales and the 50L items.  This event has it all from fashion to home decor and fantasy.  I picked up a few new things so let me show you my awesome finds.  Lacrime... Continue Reading →

The Wise Tree

I was walking along the path when I started to see this grand tree rise before me.  As I neared I could tell it was an old tree that has seen a lot of the world grow and change around it.  Someone had been here recently and had left behind some fruit under the shelter. ... Continue Reading →

Cat’s Corner

This is where my Mesh Cats from Image Essentials like to hang out.  I joke that it's Cat's Corner.  They lay about and soak up all the sun.  It is very relaxing and I even have some spiked lemonade by Simply Shelby out for those to enjoy.  The Lemon Espalier tree that they come from is from Illusions of Grandeur.  I... Continue Reading →

Sunday Dress

Redeux ends tomorrow and I have a few more fun things to show you.  I found the perfect floral dress from Poet's Heart called Granny's Garden Dress.  It is available in a few different floral patterns.  I also picked up the Elvish Chair set in silver from Simply Shelby.  Head on over the the last of the great deals... Continue Reading →

Reading Space

I made a new reading space up.  This one uses two new collections that are exclusively at Boardwalk.  IsurreKtion and Casa de Bebe both released sets that can be combined for yet another sitting area or entry way that would be stunning.  It is masculine enough that my husband might even sit here to watch read or take a nap.... Continue Reading →

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